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Buy, hold, and sell digital currencies tax-free forever – in your 401(k)*

Now, for the first time, ForUsAll’s new Alt401(k) adds digital currencies, including Bitcoin and up to 40 others, to the list of 401(k) investment options – and the tax savings for you and your employees can be jaw-dropping.

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ForUsAll’s Alt401(k), powered by Coinbase Institutional, is the first fully-featured 401(k) that can provide access to digital currencies. Combined with the unique benefits of the 401(k) this adds serious tax advantages, lower costs, and the potential for greater risk-adjusted returns. Our eBook explains it all.

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Read why Your 401(k) is one of the best places to invest in crypto / digital currencies

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Design your plan in 30 minutes and leave the rest to us

It’s that easy. Our modern Alt401(k) is a breeze to get up and running. We’ve eliminated the time and complexity of starting up one of those old-school 401(k)s – so you can focus your energy on running and growing your business (and having a best-in-class retirement benefit for you and your employees).

About Forusall

We serve 400+ companies and their 70,000+ participants, and manage $1.7B in 401(k) investments

As one of the first technology-driven 401(k) specialists, we’re responsible for bringing the low-cost, high-touch 401(k) to small and mid-size companies. Most importantly, we’re forward-looking enough to see where retirement investing should be heading, and we’re creating avenues that will help us all get there.