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Crypto + 401(k) = tax-free forever*

Wait, cryptocurrency in a 401(k)? Yup, that’s a thing, but first you’ll need a 401(k) that gives you access to cryptocurrency, and – spoiler alert – our Alt401(k) is the only plan that does that.

Give Your Employees A 401(k) With Crypto!

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This is buzzworthy

A nice synergy

Why crypto belongs in a 401(k):


Jaw-dropping tax advantages:

For example, use after-tax (Roth) dollars to invest in cryptocurrencies and all gains are tax-free – forever¹


Remarkably low transaction fees:

Get transaction fees of up to (and no more than) 0.50% per trade (compared with up to 5% for retail accounts)


Simple & easy to use:

Our Self-Directed Digital Asset Window, powered by Coinbase Institutional, makes using the account a breeze


Reduced systemic risk:

Research from Yale University and FTSE/Russell supports investing up to 5% of a total portfolio in cryptocurrencies²

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Case study: Tax advantage of cryptocurrency in a Roth 401(k)

This case study assumes that the 401(k) investor has used Roth contributions in the Alt401(k) and thatthe retail investor has a short term capital gains tax rate of 35%. It also assumes that the investor purchased 1.09281018 Bitcoins on 3/16/2020 at a price of $4575.36 for a cost of $5,000and then sold them on 3/14/2021 at a price of $61,598.92 per Bitcoin, resulting in a net value $67,315 in the Alt401(k) vs. a netvalue of $45,505 in a taxable account. This example does not reflect account or transaction fees.

Safety First

A few words about security
A great foundation

ForUsAll partners with Coinbase Institutional, and, of course, money kept on any online exchange is never 100% safe, but Bitdegree³ has this to say about Coinbase’s security:

From Bitdegree:

“...Coinbase is one of the safest web wallets you can use. Coinbase keeps almost 99% of their assets in offline cold storage that can’t be accessed — when in cold storage, they cannot be hacked!”

We keep it simple

Assets in the hot wallet are insured and participants don’t need to keep track of keys – Coinbase Institutional keeps them secure. Participants simply access their account via the ForUsAll website.

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Hey, I'm an employee—how do I get access to an Alt401(k)?

Easy to setup

Design your plan in 30 minutes and leave the rest to us

It’s that easy. Our modern Alt401(k) is a breeze to get up and running. We’ve eliminated the time and complexity of starting up one of those old-school 401(k)s – so you can focus your energy on running and growing your business (and having a best-in-class retirement benefit for you and your employees).

About forusall

We serve 400+ companies and their 70,000+ participants, and manage $1.7B in 401(k) investments

As one of the first technology-driven 401(k) specialists, we’re responsible for bringing the low-cost, high-touch 401(k) to small and mid-size companies. Most importantly, we’re forward-looking enough to see where retirement investing should be heading, and we’re creating avenues that will help us all get there.

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